Last Updated: 28. Aug 2023

Company Information:

Company Name: Codlain OÜ

Location: Estonia



Phone: +49 174 452 426 7

Registered Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Sepapaja tn 6, 15551

Management Board:

Marco Augusto Acuña CEO and Co-Founder

Yunus Ferriol Jay Aron Szönyi CTO and Co-Founder

Registry Code: 16790895

VAT ID: EE102647578

Mission, Vision, and Values:

Mission: Empowering businesses through innovative digital solutions, while championing environmental sustainability and social responsibility, creating a synergy that drives shared growth and makes a lasting impact.

Vision: To revolutionize the digital landscape by driving sustainable and socially responsible innovation, fostering shared growth, and making a lasting impact on businesses, society, and the environment.

Values: Innovation, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Collaboration, Continuous Learning

Environmental Sustainability:

We are committed to environmental sustainability and strive to minimize our carbon footprint through eco-friendly practices, energy-efficient technologies, and responsible equipment management. We leverage technology to drive environmental change, aligning with partners who share our commitment to a greener digital industry.

Social Responsibility:

We believe in the power of business to make a positive social impact. Our commitment to ethical practices, inclusivity, and community engagement drives us to create digital solutions that address societal challenges and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.


Our unique dual-focus model involves both creating innovative digital products and providing tailored solutions to our partners. This approach enables us to stay at the forefront of digital trends, empathize with our customers' challenges, and provide effective, practical guidance.

Customer Groups:

We serve a diverse range of target groups, including startups, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and industries with high digital demand, helping them harness digital solutions to drive growth and innovation.


While we operate globally, our strategic focus lies in Estonia, European Union (EU) member countries, and markets like North and South America, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, where we provide context-specific digital solutions.

This imprint is provided for informational purposes and to comply with legal requirements. For more information about Codlain OÜ, our services, and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, please visit our website at or contact us at