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Our strength is collaboration

At Codlain, we're not just a company; we're a collective of visionaries, innovators, and co-creators. Nestled in the heart of Estonia, a nation celebrated for its digital prowess, we've embarked on a journey to redefine the digital landscape. Our ethic is rooted in innovation, sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Dive in to discover our story, our mission, and the values that drive us.

Founded in 2023, Codlain emerged from a passion for technology and a vision for a digital future that's sustainable and inclusive. As pioneers in the digital realm, we've always been more than just service providers. We're strategists, collaborators, and partners. Our journey has been characterized by continuous learning, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering value. Today, we stand proud as a beacon of innovation in Estonia, leveraging the nation's advanced E-Company system to champion a greener, 100% digital approach.

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Mission, Vision and Added Value -

AI-Driven, Ethically Crafted.

As a united team with a common mission, we empower businesses through innovative digital solutions, championing sustainability and social responsibility. Our goal is to shape a harmonious future where businesses, society, and the environment thrive together. At Codlain, we prioritize values that transcend metrics, forming immersive partnerships for your success.

  • Mission

    Empower and Innovate: Our mission is to empower businesses through innovative digital solutions, while championing environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We believe in creating a synergy that drives shared growth and leaves a lasting impact. Every project we undertake, every solution we craft, is a testament to this mission. We're not just shaping businesses; we're shaping the future.

  • Vision

    Revolutionizing the Digital Realm: Our vision is to revolutionize the digital landscape by driving sustainable and socially responsible innovation. We envision a world where businesses, society, and the environment thrive in harmony, propelled by digital solutions that are both groundbreaking and ethical.

  • Added Value

    Your Success is Our Success: At Codlain, we believe in creating value that transcends business metrics. Our strategic partnerships are characterized by immersion, understanding, and co-creation.

Leadership Unveiled: The Faces Behind

  • Marco Augusto Acuña

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Yunus Szőnyi

    CTO & Co-Founder

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